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About us Booking Accommodation for Smart Travellers is the first experiment of Global Booking System for short term rentals and any type of travel accommodation. From traditional room to unique and unusual accommodation.
Gives to
guests and travellers the freedom of choice, from hotel rooms to holiday apartments, with guarantee of staying in a professionally managed accommodation.
Offers to
hosts and hoteliers a free and easy way for market their accommodations, with Instant booking or Booking on Request. was born from our:

  • passion for travelling and exploring different cultures,

  • experiences of travel around the World,

  • professionalism resulting from working in tourism for many years,

  • passion of daily contact with travellers and with those who manage the accommodations.



WHAT WE OFFER explores different forms of accommodation focused on the Quality of Customer Service.

Our strengths are:

  • We offer online booking for Quality Accommodations.

  • The selection of Travel Accommodations which provide Quality Service at a Great Value.

  • Various types of accommodations ranking at all levels.

  • Travel Accommodations which offer particular attention to Customer Service, furnishing, attention to detail and human contact.

  • Accommodations of Various types, varying from the Farm Holiday to the Bed and Breakfast, from Design Hotels to Resorts, from a Castle to a Historic Residence. You can even find anything from an Apartment to a Villa with pool. We even offer accommodations beyond the typical forms of hospitality, which only exist in certain geographical areas. Examples include Widespread hospitality in medieval villages in Italy, the Igloos of Canada, the Lodge in South Africa, the Loft in New York, the Paradores in Puerto Rico and Spain, the Riad in Morocco, the Ryokan of Japan, the Apulian Trulli in Italy, ... ... ....

  • Travel Accommodations of all prices from Luxury to Budget Accommodation.

  • Easy, Fast and Secure. Easy to navigate, Fast choosing the most suitable accommodation, and Secure management of personal data.




Our distinguishing features are:

  • The continuous supervision of the Quality offered by facilities, which allow us to remove from the website, any accommodations that do not meet our high quality of standards in service. This is the guarantee to find on Quality Accommodations at a Great Value.

  • The presence of more than 100 accommodation themes and more than 700 descriptive variables for each accommodation, which enable the user to choose as openly as possible the arrangement that best meets their travel needs.

  • Honest reviews left by customers after their stay at the accommodation

  • For Customers: no commission to pay, the ability to book online (with instant confirmation and guaranteed accommodation) without immediate payment, since payment is only accepted upon arrival or departure from the accommodation.

  • Special attention to Families with Children with a search form that includes the presence of children and infants, and the reporting of services to meet the needs of those travelling with children.

  • For Accommodations: the absence of registration costs, no compulsory allotment, Instant booking or Booking on request, the possibility of including additional boards in the price of the accommodations.




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